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Silicon Valley is catching up to the real estate industry. Over the past decade, more than $30 billion has poured into PropTech, a new generation of startups at the intersection of property and technology.

Buying real estate is frequently the biggest purchase of a person‘s life, and users often spend dozens of days, if not weeks, looking for a great deal or a perfect house for sale. Real estate websites are currently focused on providing hard-to-understand data, and not serving the customer. With our website, users no longer need to sift through tens of thousands of home listings to find the best deal on a house, especially in this tough seller‘s market.

Everyday people should have as much or more knowledge about real estate as licensed real estate agents do and that is our mission and goal; Our goal is to provide you with as much data as possible, that is easy to understand and visualize, for each home listing, so our users can be as informed customers as possible before reaching out to a real estate agent. We strive to provide real-time market trends for every zip code, and advanced accurate home value estimations.

The current technology is not serving property buyers properly.

This industry is flagrantly antiquated, fragmented, and expensive for those that want homes for sale. We are here to change that, make real estate easy to understand and browse, provide features and systems that home shoppers crave in order to fulfill our mission to bring true transparency to home buyers.

AI and machine learning will help make the vast amount of data we have been collecting more actionable. For example, right now, property search sites rely on simple preferences like location and size to display properties for sale. Our goal, however, is for our AI to enable our site to recommend properties to users based on preferences, personality traits, and values.