It is located in central Arizona and the heart of the scenic and the magnificent Sonoran Desert just below the McDowell Mountains. The city enjoys warm weather on an average of 330 days in a year, which is perfect for outdoor activities. And because of its magnificent weather and a beautiful view of the Sonoran Desert, several outdoor enthusiasts are frequent visitors of the city. Scottsdale is known to be one of America’s best destinations for gold with its sprawling area, which consists of more than 200 courses to choose from when you are in the city. Dozens of public and private championships are being held in the city each year. The town also boasts its numbers of highly-rated museums, galleries, and other distinctive art features. The city of Scottsdale has been known for its classy flair and is filled with pure vacation inspiration that everyone can enjoy and look forward to.

Population 226,918  (11.00%)

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