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Located in the state of California and a city in Alameda County, the city sits on the wide island in San Francisco Bay, which is just across the Oakland Harbor Channel from the city of Oakland that were then connected by bridges and underground tunnels. Almeda was originally a part of a peninsula that is part of Rancho San Antonio. The area has been inhabited for a long time by the Ohlone Indians, wherein the locality was settled by the Spanish wherein its name was taken, which means “grove of poplar trees.” The growth of the town was due to the ferry service to San Francisco and the construction of railroad bridges and terminals, and eventually the establishment of one of the first municipally operated electrical-power plants in the whole United States. The city’s port facilities have greatly attracted cargo vessels and fishing and became the site of the large naval air station in the 1940s.

Home Prices

1,089,143 +12%
945,550 +6%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

567 +2%


49 -13%
56 -8%

Market Duration

24 +35%
Population 76,419 (5.40%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,584 (-2.74%)