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Brentwood is a city that lies in the San Francisco Bay Area's East Bay region under the Contra Costa County. Brentwood emerged as a village in the historical era of the late 19th century, and its farm productions, especially its fresh fruits and vegetables such as cherries, corn, and peaches, are still popular all through the Bay Area. Since 1990 many of the old fields and vineyards have been substituted by residential buildings because of uncontrolled expansion of urban areas. It was John Marsh, who owned the property that initially put on land donated. He's a colonizer of the East Contra Costa County who obtained Rancho Los Megan's from Jose Noriega in 1837, the area on which Brentwood was developed. His mails praise enthusiastically. California's farming ability has been written in the tabloids all over the South. It culminated in California's first wagon trains. Marsh welcomed this and permitted outsiders to live on his hacienda until they were able to live on their own. Rancho Los Meganos became the travel route of the California line. Brentwood derived its name from the ancestral home of Marsh, the town of Brentwood, in the county of Essex, England. The first mailing office of Brentwood was built in 1878.

Home Prices

785,738 +1%
692,050 +9%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

281 +0%


179 -5%
64 -57%

Market Duration

47 +55%
Population 55,000 (122.30%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,363 (1.92%)