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Camarillo is situated in the state of California and a city in Ventura County. The town was named after Adolfo and Juan Camarillo, who were two of the few Californios who took the initiative to preserve the city's history and heritage after the arrival of the Anglo-European settlers. In 1898, the railroad coast route came through, and a station was built after that. The Camarillo brothers employed 700 workers who were lima beans farmers, and they started to grow walnuts and citrus in the ranch. The city was growing steadily before the start of World War II. However, the war effort saw the construction of the Oxnard Army AirField, presently known as Camarillo Airport. The growing community grew primarily as the new base along the Naval Air Station Point Mugu brought the majority of its workers and their families to the area.

Home Prices

1,019,513 +20%
615,050 -1%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

360 +1%


86 -9%
36 -40%

Market Duration

58 +20%
Population 66,086 (14.90%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,825 (-0.22%)