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Located in the northern part of the state of California and a city in Butte County, Chico sits on the valley of Sacramento River and is approximately 90 miles north of the city of Sacramento. The area was founded by the congressman and a horticulturist John Bidwell. He then developed a center for agricultural-processing and its primary products were almonds, fruit, and rice. The manufacturing industry of the area started as a match factory that was established in 190 and was diversified during the industrial expansion. Chico has several establishments that serve as tourist attractions which include the Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park, Bidwell Park, Chico Museum, and the city serves as the seat of California State University - which was originally founded as a normal school.

Home Prices

500,359 +9%
457,525 +16%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

251 -0%


84 -46%
40 -63%

Market Duration

34 +9%
Population 88,077 (14.20%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,785 (9.23%)