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Coachella is located in the state of California and a city in Riverside County. It sits in the region’s easternmost city in the region that is known as Coachella Valley, or the area of Palm Springs. Coachella is referred to as the “City of Eternal Sunshine.” The area is largely rural and its community is largely based on agriculture that is in the desert and one of California’s fastest-growing cities in the late 20th century. The area on the eastern half of the Coachella valley sits below sea level. A Saltwater lake called the Salton Sea lies at about 227 miles below sea level. The city shares its name to the Coachella grapefruit, and the town’s limit stretches to State Route 111 and has been referred to as Grapefruit Boulevard in its honor. The declared historic US Route 99 is a major thoroughfare that connects with Interstate 10 which is located a few miles in the northern part of the town. The city has eight constituent neighborhoods with a total population of 45,000, making it the 203rd largest community in the state. Coachella boasts a rich Mexican heritage which shines through authentic cuisine and community events like Dia de Los Muertos. Recently, the area is seeing a massive amount of housing growth thanks to new residents who are middle class or wealthier. Coachella’s high average household income, healthy local economy, an abundance of jobs, safety, and family-friendly activities are a huge selling point of the city. The community features soccer fields, basketball courts, skate parks, playgrounds, a pool, and gardens. Plenty of die-hard foodies join agri-tours to get a close look at the colorful fields of fruits and vegetables that surround Coachella. Other notable local highlights are the Coachella Walls murals, the Spotlight 29 Casino, and the Hotel Indigo, a massive 35-acre resort.

Coachella, CA Prices for Houses for Sale

761,919 +83%
462,450 +45%

Relative Price (per sqft.)


Listings of Coachella Homes for Purchase

27 +170%
32 +167%

Market Duration of Homes Sold

20 -55%

Local Statistics

Population 46,564 (0.01%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,761 (12.35%)

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