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Danville is located in the state of California and is a city in San Ramon Valley in Contra Costa County. The town was one of the incorporated municipalities in the state that has been using town instead of city. The town holds a farmers’ market each Saturday of the week which is located next to the Museum of the San Ramon Valley, wherein its site is in the historic South Pacific Railroad Depot. The Iron Horse Regional Trail runs through the town, and that the first railroad has been converted to an 80-foot corridor of bike and hike trails as well as the controlled intersections nearby. There are a lot of people that refer and consider Danville to be the “Heart of the San Ramon Valley.” It was originally populated by the Native Americans who used to live in the nearby creeks ad has been camping out on Mount Diablo in the summer. After a few years, it became part of the Mission San Jose’s grazing land and a Mexican land grant was called Rancho San Ramon before it was later renamed to Danville. 43, 900 people live in the city, with around 2, 000 people per square mile. That leaves plenty of space to move around while allowing neighbors to live close enough to foster a sense of community. For recreation, Danville has numerous museums, trails, and parks for locals and tourists to explore. Top hangouts include the Lafayette Reservoir and the Mount Diablo State Park for stargazing. The Hemme Creek Trail, Del Amigo Trail, and the Mount Diablo Grand Loop Trail are highly-recommended for hiking and birdwatching. Local guides also offer birdwatching and astronomical tours which are considered some of the finest in the state.

Home Prices

1,557,366 +4%
1,330,000 -1%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

591 +4%


68 -7%
52 -7%

Market Duration

29 -2%
Population 43,341 (3.70%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,295 (-3.77%)