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Eastvale is located in the southern part of California and a city in the northwestern part of Riverside County. For 80 centuries, the indigenous Tongva people claimed the Eastvale sector as part of their homeland. In 1838, Juan Alvarado, a Mexican Governor of Alta California region, authorized Juan Bandini Rancho Jurupa about 30,720 Acres of the property. It was then the beginning of recorded property background on the far west side of today’s North of the Santa Ana River and Riverside County. Eastvale now inhabits the western portion of the former land grant forcefully to Rancho Jurupa. Mexico surrendered U.S. Alta California and many other Southwestern land when the U. S. -Mexican War ended in 1848 with the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty, 24 months succeeded, California became a U.S. territory on 9 September 1850. The Fuller family had claimed nearly 3,840 Acre of ranch land on the north side of the Santa Ana River for 6.5 decades between in the year of 1889 and 1954. Almost half of all today’s Eastvale, between Schleisman Road and the river, is within the border of the Fuller ranch. Eastvale, also pronounced in early as “East Vale,” was a primary school district in Riverside County for more than five decades, from District creation in 1893 to 1947 when the community was consolidated with schools in Corona and Norco.

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