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Huntington Park is located in the state of California and a city in the southeastern part of Los Angeles County and the Gateway Cities district within the county. The area where the present-day Huntington Park was named after the industrialist Henry E. Huntington and was then incorporated in 1906 to become the streetcar suburb for the Los Angeles Railway for its workers in the fast-growing industries in the southeastern part of downtown Los Angeles. The Pacific Boulevard in the downtown part of Huntington Park was considered as a commercial district that serves the city's mostly working-class residents. Just like the other cities that are along the Los Angeles River that runs through the south and the southeastern part of downtown Los Angeles, the city is almost an exclusively white community for most of the years in history.

Home Prices

500,990 +10%
540,050 +16%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

372 +16%


15 -6%
4 -67%

Market Duration

74 +24%
Population 58,879 (-4.10%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,438 (4.96%)