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La Mesa is located in the southern part of the state of California and a city in San Diego County and is in the eastern part of downtown San Diego. The area where the present-day La Mesa stands was founded in 1869 and was then incorporated in 1912 under the general laws of California. It does not have any city charter, but La Mesa operates under the laws of the state. The city was known as “The Jewel of the Hills,” and during its early years, La Mesa, a small Southern California town, ventured into the movie-making business. Much of the city’s growth, both industry and population become sophisticated yet has a quaint image that has risen over the years. At present, the city has been popularly known for its seasonal festivities.

La Mesa, CA Prices for Houses for Sale

972,741 +18%
916,249 +15%

Relative Price (per sqft.)


Listings of La Mesa Homes for Purchase

67 +22%
92 -4%

Market Duration of Homes Sold

21 +5%

Local Statistics

Population 59,724 (0.00%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,722 (-0.32%)

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