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Laguna Niguel is located in the state of California and is a suburb of Orange County. The name of the city was taken after the words "lagoon" and Niguili after a Native American village that was once situated nearby Aliso Creek. It sits in the San Joaquin Hills in the southeastern corner of Orange County that is close to the Pacific Ocean. The city's origin can be traced back to the Rancho Niguel Mexican land grant, which was acquired in 1959 and was then developed to become one of the state's first master-planned communities. Laguna Niguel is primarily residential and has served as a bedroom community of the workforce for the northern and central Orange County. The city has a median household income, which is 31% above the Orange County average. It is also known for its mild coastal climate and low crime rate and along with its numbers of public trails and parks.

Home Prices

1,608,982 +17%
989,550 +3%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

467 +4%


161 -45%
72 -33%

Market Duration

45 -8%
Population 64,652 (2.80%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,121 (-7.80%)