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Lying in the Antelope Valley at Mojave Desert’s western edge and is located in Los Angeles County, southwestern California, and north of Los Angeles, which separated from the San Gabriel Mountains. The west region of the Mojave Desert is known as the Antelope Valley, where Lancaster lies in. When the growth of the population started, the city’s youth, along with the other students in the nearby communities, began studying when the first school was completed — the Antelope Valley High School. The valley was mainly cultivated and founded with cattle raising and ranching up until the 1900s, however, when the water started using gasoline engines, the area transformed into an agricultural. Today, Lancaster is now sharing with Palmdale in the south with the development of aerospace, aircraft, and electronics industries.

Home Prices

368,534 +4%
342,050 +4%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

181 +4%


302 -46%
228 -30%

Market Duration

45 -3%
Population 159,523 (33.80%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,869 (-4.01%)