Known to be the world’s entertainment capital, Los Angeles boasts its pleasant weather and having more than 100 museums around the city, and it is becoming a cultural mecca. The city has a Mediterranean climate, generally experiencing mild, reasonably wet winters and warm to hot, to mildly humid summers. Los Angeles is the most populated city in California, with almost 4 million people and making it the second in the United States, next to New York. For over a century, the city associated with its extensive leisure, outdoor recreation, and the aura of celebrity status, which earned its international fame and global status. As home to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, the city has become synonymous with high-fashion shopping and endless high-end dining. The people’s lifestyle mostly relies on cars, and prefers a single-family dwelling, and is primarily informal. If you are in a lookout for bustle, excitement, and glamour, Los Angeles is a place for you.

Population 3,884,307  (4.80%)

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