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Montebello is located in the state of California and a city in Los Angeles County, and sits on the southwestern part of San Gabriel Valley, in the eastern part of downtown Los Angeles. Montebello is considered to be part of the Gateway Cities and was famous for its source of oil-reserves. The area was primarily inhabited by the Tongva Indians that lived along the Rio Hondo Rivers before the Spaniard arrived on the site. Most of the Los Angeles basin and of the southern Channel Islands were occupied by the Tongvans; and when the first Spanish explorer arrived in the place, he was greeted by the Tongva people. The language spoken by the Tongvans was different from those other tribes that lived in the nearby areas were "Gabrielino" by the Spanish. There are other non-natives that arrived in the area and settled that eventually bought illness and disease.

Home Prices

622,184 +10%
552,994 +3%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

371 -0%


26 -43%
16 -33%

Market Duration

43 +16%
Population 63,495 (2.00%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,423 (0.49%)