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Situated in the West Central side of California just across the bay from San Francisco, its agriculture land had served an excellent resource when the oak and redwood timber from its hillside were logged for the latter city to be built. Today’s Oakland’s economy has been classified as highly diversified. Most of the city’s economy has now been focused on health care, transportation, business services, transportation, and among others, although food processing, high technology, and light manufacturing still plays an important role. Oakland has a Meditteranean-type climate, with its mild and warm sunny summers and cold winters with rainy spells, where it experiences many morning patches of fog in the summer that would typically burn off by noontime. The city doesn’t have the same number of concentration of tourists visiting like in San Francisco. However, visitors can easily spend a few pleasant days with a few things to do. Residents move to Oakland due to its affordable homes. It already has a few good numbers of White, Black, Asians, and Latino, with a steady influx of the “hipsters” that are moving to the city.

Home Prices

920,114 +9%
861,439 +10%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

591 +10%


332 +9%
284 -1%

Market Duration

33 +16%
Population 406,253 (1.30%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,405 (-1.68%)