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Paramount is located in the state of California and a city in Los Angeles County. The area where the present-day Paramount was settled by the Mexican settlers that came from New Spain in 1781. The area was organized under two old Spanish Ranchos: Rancho Los Nietos on the east, and Rancho San Pedro on the west. The ranchos were established under the Spanish Empire and were granted by King Carlos III in 1784. California was waived to the United States after the end of the Mexican-American War. In 1948, Paramount was an unincorporated community that was created, and the United States Postmaster ordered the merger of Hynes and Clearwater post officers. The name was after Paramount Boulevard, wherein the north-to-surface street extends throughout the city. And the town was officially incorporated in 1957 after a campaign to fight the Long Beach, Bellflower, and South Gate annexation.

Home Prices

462,694 +4%
447,550 +11%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

348 +2%


21 -36%
8 -67%

Market Duration

53 -9%
Population 54,980 (-0.70%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,122 (3.53%)