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San Francisco, California, is situated in the northern part of California and in between the Pacific Ocean and the famous San Francisco Bay Area. The city has been voted as the highest-rated American City on the world liveability rankings for 2019. Although the rumors about the fog inSan Francisco are correct, for the most part, their weather is always pleasant year-round, allowing people to spend time outdoors throughout the year. Its residents are sophisticated who hold a full measure of civilized pleasures such as art, music, and good food. It has become a center for cultural and finance in the western United States and the country’s most cosmopolitan city with its handsome, fresh, elegant, and whose steep streets has the perfect view of the world’s most magnificent bays. The booming job market and its vibrant and exciting atmosphere attracted new residents from all over the world, particularly those from Asia. Despite the high prices, many of those living in San Francisco can tell you that they can’t imagine living elsewhere.

Home Prices

2,276,625 +7%
1,636,137 +0%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

1,057 +13%


558 +38%
352 +36%

Market Duration

32 +10%
Population 837,442 (7.70%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,535 (-0.48%)