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Torrance is in the South Bay part of Los Angeles County, Torrance is a coastal city in the United States and is in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles. Its 1.5 miles of beaches along the Pacific Ocean, the city is a coastal community that is sharing the same climate and the geographical features that are common to the area in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Torrance is a residential and light-tech city that boasts its 90,000 street trees and 30 city parks all around. Since it has been known as one of the safest cities because of its low crime rates, its lifeguard-patrolled beaches and bath-house amenities have always been an attraction to most of its visitors. Torrance is a very major-producing region and has once been dotted with thousands of oil derricks and oil wells that are found all over. And because of this, the city's oil refinery has been primarily responsible for much of Southern California's supply.

Home Prices

875,140 +3%
854,037 +3%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

525 +3%


108 -22%
72 +66%

Market Duration

42 +15%
Population 147,478 (6.60%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,523 (-3.14%)