Located in the state of California and a city in San Bernardino County, the municipality of Upland sits at an elevation of more than 1,000 feet and has a population of more than 75,000. Situated at the foot of the highest part of the San Gabriel Mountains, it forms part of the Los Angeles suburb which is a part of the Inland Empire. After being named as North Ontario, the area was incorporated in 1906. When the area was founded, it was a small rural town whose economic activities revolve around agriculture, specifically citrus fruits and grapes growing. Upland was formerly connected through a trolley line in the broad, tree-lined Euclid Avenue. The present-day Upland maintains many of its features, most specifically Euclid Avenue, as well as other older, adobe and ranch-style houses and establishments that date back in the early years of the city.

Population 75,413  (9.50%)

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