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Located in San Francisco Bay Area's North Bay subregion and is considered to be the waterfront city of Solano County. Vallejo has been widely known as home to the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - an amusement park with high-speed roller coasters as the main attraction. The city was also California's state government's first home and has been a home for 142 years the first and the most famous repair facility and naval shipbuilding on the whole West Coast of the United States. Vallejo's vibrant history has been deeply intertwined with both the state where it was born into and to the nation, it has served for two World Wars. The city's multicultural diversity began much earlier than most of the other cities in California. A number of Filipinos began to settle in the 1920s right after the Spanish-American and the Philippine-American War. And with the Navy's presence, it has then attracted more people from all over the world to settle in Vallejo and eventually to make it the most culturally diverse in all of Northern California.

Home Prices

439,419 +0%
425,050 +6%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

309 +5%


42 -22%
36 +13%

Market Duration

36 -1%
Population 118,837 (1.20%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,313 (-7.79%)