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Yorba Linda is located in the southern part of the state of California and a city in Orange County. The area where the present-day Yorba Linda sits was explored during the 1769 Spanish expedition and in 1801 when the land grant known as Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana was awarded to Juan Pablo Grivalja, and his descendants, the Peraltas and the Yorbas, inherited the land, and wherein the Yorbas retained the ownership to the area until the middle of the 19th century. It was then in 1907 when a part of the land that the Yorbas owned was sold to Janss Corporation, who subsequently subdivided it and named the area as Yorba Linda, wherein Linds means "pretty" in Spanish. The community was then developed to become agricultural whose primary products were avocados, cabbage, and tomatoes, as well as a livestock economy. And when the Pacific Electric Railroad arrived in 1918, the area then became a transportation center, and the agricultural lands were retired with the expansion of the Orange County expansion after the end of World War II.

Home Prices

1,490,082 +19%
1,279,994 +24%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

413 +3%


102 -37%
68 +6%

Market Duration

39 -10%
Population 67,032 (13.40%)
House Size (sqft.) 3,239 (24.51%)