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Located and the state's capital in northwestern Denver and is the Home Rule Municipality in Jefferson and Adams counties. Arvada's beginnings can be summed and described in just one word, and that is gold. Gold was first documented to be discovered within the Rocky Mountain regions in 1850, and the start of the gold rush started in 1858 within the Rockies region. Arvada is a city that has been competing consistently with the larger metropolitan areas, unlike many other cities, when it comes to commerce and business but still somehow managed to retain its small-town charm that many suburbs were unable to replicate. The city's assets, such as the Apex Center, the Arvada Center, and the historic shopping district Olde Town, made Arvada a thriving town. Its low crime rate, highly-educated workforce, and quality cost of living contributed to the success and popularity of Arvada.

Home Prices

536,065 +9%
524,925 +12%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

216 +5%


156 -20%
164 -12%

Market Duration

28 +16%
Population 111,707 (9.20%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,409 (1.11%)