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Aurora is Colorado’s third-largest city and has been much known in the state because of its art exhibits, relaxing ambiance, and outdoor recreation. For how many years, the city has been considered to be Denver’s larger suburbs, however, because of its growing population over the years and the recent decades, Aurora is now over half the size of the former, and has eventually led to efforts that the city must also be recognized as co-equal with it’s much larger neighbor. Visitors and residents enjoy the city’s sailing, fast-pitch softball, golfing, and a live theater. Aurora possesses several arts in public places around town, which gives a distinctive image and exudes a unique aesthetic character. Aside from its skills, those who are looking for diverse ethnic dining can find here almost 100 different restaurants with flavors from across the globe, which makes it more appealing at any time of the year.

Home Prices

405,583 -1%
391,614 +2%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

193 +8%


743 +4%
680 -6%

Market Duration

29 +37%
Population 345,803 (24.40%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,098 (-4.25%)