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Located in the southwestern part of the state of Connecticut and a coextensive town of Norwalk in Fairfield County, Norwalk is situated on Long Island Sound on the Norwalk River’s mouth. The area was originally settled by the Norwalk - Noewaake or Naramauke - Indian before it was purchased and settled by colonists from Hartford. During the American Revolution in 1779, the settlement was burned down by the loyalist forces of Major General William Tryon. It was in Norwalk where Nathan Hale was captured by the British and was executed as a spy. The area’s hat manufacturing has a long-standing history and at present, Norwalk has a diversified industrial economy wherein it produces textile, machinery, electronic equipment, and hardware. Known for its oysters, and there were problems of overexploitation and pollution of the area’s waters in the 1960s, at present, oyster fisheries are still productive.

Home Prices

735,621 +10%
560,025 +4%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

277 +6%


364 -30%
164 +19%

Market Duration

56 -7%
Population 87,776 (5.60%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,116 (1.49%)