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West Haven is located in the state of Connecticut and a city in New Haven County, Coincided with the township of West Haven. The area became WestFarms when an initial agreement was performed in the 1640s. Around 1675-1676 a supplementary land was split among the King Philip's War retired soldiers. West Haven parish began to be part of Orange Town, and it was regulated around 1720. It then merged in 1822. In 1873, the town was constructed. Sadly, the disjointing of the West Haven from Orange was then happening in 1921 to become an independent town. Blacksmithing, milling, boat-building, and fishing were new businesses. Since 1853 metal clasps were already made in West Haven. Now, the production is well expanded. Chartered in 1920, New Haven University is located in the city. Attractions such as Savin Rock on Long Island Sound was a popular resort of the early 20th-century with its White City theme park; it then stopped operating in the 1960s.

Home Prices

209,850 +6%
200,049 +6%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

142 +3%


153 -6%
52 0%

Market Duration

72 -16%
Population 55,046 (5.10%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,410 (12.17%)