Apopka, Florida Houses for Sale

Apopka is located in Florida in Orange County. The area where the present-day Apopka stands were inhabited for a long time by the Acura people who were members of the Timucua confederation. The tribe disappeared by the 730s due to the diseases that were brought by the Spanish colonists to Florida. The refugees that came from Georgia and Alabama succeeded the Acura, who then formed the Seminole Indian tribe who was called the Ahopka, where Aha means “potato,” and Papka means “eating place.” The settlement grew to 200 members by the 1930s and was the birthplace of the Chief Coacoochee or known as Wild Cat. The American settlers developed a major trading center on the created foundations of the earlier Indian settlement.

Home Prices

497,645 +32%
455,850 +30%

Relative Price (per sqft.)



132 +20%
180 +8%

Market Duration

29 -8%

Local Statistics

Population 53,870 (0.01%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,080 (4.16%)