Located in the southeastern side of the state of Florida and a city in Palm Beach County, Boca Raton is situated north of Fort Lauderdale on the Atlantic Ocean. Boca Raton harbor was used by the Spanish occasionally as the first settlers arrived in 1895. The city’s name came from the boca de ratones, a Spanish term that means “rat’s mouth” which appeared in the maps and has been used to refer to the sharp-pointed rocks. The early settlers grew pineapples and vegetables, and when the Japanese farmers arrived in the 1900s, they started the Yamato Colony in the area. The town was then incorporated and the luxurious design of a resort city centered in Cloister Inn, which is an architectural extravaganza of the Spanish which was later on turned into an exclusive resort. With the establishment of new structures and buildings, the city prospered with the convention trade, a community that is considered as a resort-retirement of expensive homes that were intertwined with the waterways that were developed around it.

Population 89,407  (7.50%)

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