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North Lauderdale is located in the state of Florida and a city in Broward County. It also serves as the principal city of the Miami metropolitan area. When the city was created in 1963, the area was primarily farmland that is situated on the western edge of development in Broward County. The area was originally used as a grazing pasture for horses and cows of the Anderson Dairy Farm and also serves as an agricultural area for the Lena Lyons Stringbean Farm. When the famed architect Morris Lapidus turned his attention to planning a city that would be developed to become North Lauderdale, he was recognizing a rare opportunity to work on a blank slate. He was famously known for launching “Miami Beach” style hotels during the 1950s. The present-day residents of North Lauderdale are still benefiting from his influence and vision, which are all visible in the whimsical beacons that are lending the city its prominence and in the district. Just inland of the Atlantic Ocean lies North Lauderdale, a small town off Florida’s east coast. The city tends to be quiet and calm, but it’s also known for its fantastic festivals during holidays, Christmas, and Halloween. In particular, locals and tourists love the North Lauderdale Days Celebration, which features family-friendly activities, delicious food, free access to the city pool, and world-class fireworks. North Lauderdale’s central location makes it easy to reach both big-city attractions and abundant historical and natural sites. There are many convenient supermarkets, local shops, churches, restaurants and other amenities in this safe city. North Lauderdale’s Hampton Park is a 30-acre urban oasis right in the middle of the city. In addition, the neighborhoods are a great mix of ethnicities and cultures, and it’s more affordable to buy a home in North Lauderdale compared to other parts of Florida. If you like living in a close-knit community with great amenities, then North Lauderdale might be for you.