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Port Orange is a city located in the state of Florida and a city in Volusia County and is considered to be a principal city in the Fun Coast region in the state. The area where the present-day Port Orange stands was settled by John Milton Hawks, who brought to the site the freed blacks to work in the sawmill after the end of the United States Civil War. After this, Esther Hawks constructed an integrated school, and it left the colony in the struggle, which forced the colonists to leave. The area that was then settled by the freed blacks and those colonists who chose to remain came to be known as Freemanville. The latter became the first site of the African-American in Volusia County and continued to be generally unknown, however, those who remain to cherish the history gather in the Mount Moriah Baptist Church to celebrate and commemorate the settlement.

Home Prices

434,675 +1%
326,617 -1%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

177 +5%


495 -2%
124 -23%

Market Duration

70 +21%
Population 57,203 (22.80%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,866 (-5.60%)