Dunwoody, Georgia Houses for Sale

Dunwoody is located in the state of Georgia. The area where the present-day Dunwoody was established and founded in the early part of the 1830s and was named after Major Charles Dunwoody, who returned to Roswell after fighting during the American Civil War wherein he fought with the Confederates. Wherein an extra “o” was added after a misspelling of the name on a banknote that was issued. One of the buildings in the city that is still existent up to the present date from way back in 1829. Other historic buildings of the city include an Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church, and one of the city’s oldest cemeteries. The railroad opened in the site in 1881 and has operated for 40 years, and wherein in 1905 President Theodore Roosevelt made a whistle-stop in Dunwoody that is along the way to Roswell in Georgia.

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