Honolulu, Hawaii Houses for Sale

Honolulu is a technologically advanced city that serves as a crossroads for the trans-Pacific shipping and air routes, with a focus on inter-island services and a commercial and industrial center of Hawaii. This Hawaiian city is a racing pulse. You will find almost everything on its cosmopolitan city, historic landmarks, structures, and the encompassing world-famous Waikiki Beach. The city has been a home a wide variety of attractions that can be enjoyed by any age and interests. It is typically warm and sunny all year-round, with slight temperature variance. What made this city famous was because of its breathtaking beaches that draw millions of travelers every year. Their residents are about 24% Caucasians, 21% Japanese, 17% of mixed ancestry, and others are Filipinos and Chinese.

Honolulu, HI Prices for Houses for Sale

1,771,809 +9%
1,091,268 +9%

Relative Price (per sqft.)


Listings of Honolulu Homes for Purchase

1,020 -4%
508 -11%

Market Duration of Homes Sold

47 -22%

Crime & Safety

Police Officers 2,005  
Police Civilians 511  
Total Arrests 5,712 (2020)
Total Incidents 42,811 (2020)
CrimeScore 72.60  
National Rank 4529th  
Statewide Rank 1st  

Local Statistics

Population 347,884 (-6.20%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,574 (2.47%)

Criminal Offenses

Animal Cruelty 46
Arson 319
Assault Offenses 7,676
Bribery 2
Burglary/Breaking & Entering 3,301
Counterfeiting/Forgery 417
Destruction/Damage/Vandalism of Property 949
Drug/Narcotic Offenses 2,400
Embezzlement 32
Extortion/Blackmail 134
Fraud Offenses 4,091
Gambling Offenses 313
Homicide Offenses 25
Human Trafficking 10
Kidnapping/Abduction 281
Larceny/Theft Offenses 18,238
Motor Vehicle Theft 3,744
Pornography/Obscene Material 60
Prostitution Offenses 40
Robbery 743
Sex Offenses 562
Sex Offenses, Non-forcible 11
Stolen Property Offenses 760
Weapon Law Violations 421

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