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Bartlette is located in the state of Illinois and is a village in Cook County. It is also considered as a small parcel on the western side of Kane County. During the earlier times, the Village of Bartlett, it served as a hunting and a camping ground for the Native American tribes, such as the Cherokee, Miami, Potawatomi, and Ottawa Indians. Throughout history, the Northwestern Territory, such as Virginia, Indiana, Spain, France, and England had staked a claim as their own for Bartlett. But the area was owned by Luther Bartlett, and he and his wife decided that a station stop would be beneficial for the whole town and of the townspeople that are in it. It was also Bartlett who gave a monetary contribution as well as a 40-acre woodlot which will serve for the construction of the train depot, thus, it was voted that the town will be named after him. Bartlett became and developed to become one of the premiere pig towns s, wherein their main exports for years to come centered around the industry. The medium-sized village Bartlett has ten constituent neighborhoods with a population of 40,931 people, making it the 39th largest community in Illinois. The village used to be a hunting and camping ground for Cherokee, Miami, Ottawa, and Potawatomi Indians. Bartlett’s municipal logo is “Progress with Pride,” and it’s manifested through well-maintained streets thoughtful community planning and development, reliable water and sewer service, and high-quality municipal services. Bartlett has undergone rapid development, now boasting a new Metra commuter station, three business parks, the Arts in Bartlett Center for the Arts, the Village municipal complex, and various light industrial and retail opportunities. However, it’s small town atmosphere still remains, showcased through paved walkways, period streetlights, and the slow, peaceful pace of its residential neighborhoods. Outdoor recreation is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, with weekends spent at the James “Pate” Philip State Park, Bartlett Hills, and many acres of open space and forest preserve.

Bartlett, IL Prices for Houses for Sale

400,578 +10%
371,950 +7%

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39 -11%
80 0%

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22 -27%

Local Statistics

Population 40,312 (-0.01%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,083 (-0.79%)