Buffalo Grove, Illinois Houses for Sale

Buffalo Grove is located in the state of Illinois and is a village that forms part of Lake and Cook counties. It can be found in the northwestern suburb of the city of Chicago. The is split in the middle along Lake Cook Road and is in two parts: the Lake County Vermont Township portion of the area; and the Cook County Wheeling Township on another side. There are around three-quarters of the village located in Vermont Township. Both of the portions differ in terms of geography and the similarities with the neighboring communities. The city shares a border with Wheeling along the southeastern side, and with Arlington Heights on the southwestern and south side, Riverwoods and Deerfield in the east direction, and by the other cities on the other sides. It includes a larger portion wherein it is considered as the historic part, and the second is the smaller one. Buffalo Grove consistently tops lists of the best places to live— not just in Illinois, but in the entire United States. While the city registers some of the most expensive real estate properties in Illinois, it’s also a primarily white-collar economy with college-educated sales and office workers, managers, and professionals willing to pay top dollar for Buffalo Grove’s low crime rates, excellent job opportunities, and fantastic public schools and universities. In fact, more than half Buffalo Grove’s 40, 000 residents are family units who love the strong ties of the community and amazing recreation in the area. A few local highlights are Six Flags Great America, Friendship Park Conservatory, Deerfield Historic Village, Volo Bog State Natural Area, and more than five shopping centers to choose from. Buffalo Grove is part of the vibrant bustling Chicago metropolitan area and served by the Chicago O’Hare International Airport, which gives residents and visitors a solid public transport system in and out of the city.

Buffalo Grove, IL Prices for Houses for Sale

412,696 +22%
399,000 +21%

Relative Price (per sqft.)


Listings of Buffalo Grove Homes for Purchase

80 -35%
120 -27%

Market Duration of Homes Sold

29 -15%

Local Statistics

Population 40,161 (-0.01%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,929 (2.17%)