The name Chicago is from the French version of the word shikaakwa ("Wild Onion"), which is a Miami-Illinois word for the plants which are common along the Chicago River. Known as the Windy City, it used to be the second-largest city in the United States. It has now been overtaken by Los Angeles, with almost 3 million population and has about 300 bridges built around it. Today, the city boasts its 3,000 hectares of parks and parklands, which attracts an estimated number of 86 million visitors yearly. Across the United States, the city was recognized as a town that is very passionate about sports. It was also deemed as the United States’ third city with the most prolific movie industry. There have been scores of film television shows that were filmed there. Chicago has been known as the nation’s railroad capital, having more significant railroads serving the city than any other in the United States. Its location has fostered an excellent convention trade, which has led hundreds of corporations and organizations to call it home.

Population 2,718,782  (-6.10%)

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