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Oak Lawn is located in the state of Illinois and a village in Cook County and is a suburb of Chicago that is in the southwestern of the city. Oak Lawn shares borders with Chicago and the areas that were surrounded by the other suburbs. The land was purchased in 1835, James B. Campbell that stretches between Central Avenue and Cicero Avenue. At first, it's unclear as to why Campbell purchased an area on the site. However, he lost the court battles with the Illinois State Bank and eventually sold it through a public auction. The northern half of the area was then bought by John Simpson in 1842, who was an outstanding figure in the early years of Oak Lawn's history. The city's most original known name was Black Oak Grove and was then changed to Oak Lawn, and a train depot, post office, and the surrounding communities were then simply known as Oak Lawn in 1882.

Home Prices

227,905 +2%
218,750 -2%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

135 -0%


150 -39%
104 -40%

Market Duration

38 -1%
Population 57,073 (3.30%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,321 (-1.46%)