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Rockford is the largest Illinois city which is located outside the metropolitan area of Chicago. Situated by the banks of the Rock River, the town is Winnebago County's government seat. Often referred to as "the Forest City," is a mid-sized city that sits in the far northern part of Illinois. Historically, it has been known as a sleepy city, but when water and power companies were organized and the trains from Chicago reached the area, it became a significant and growing industrial hub that is known and noted for many agricultural types of machinery. It has now become known because of its output for the production of heavy machinery, hardware, and tools. It has become the second leading center when it comes to furniture manufacturing in the United States. The city's government has exerted effort to ensure that its economy will be diverse, which has led to the growth of aerospace, automotive, and of the tourism industry.

Home Prices

202,881 +16%
151,167 +54%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

76 +17%


160 -26%
88 -24%

Market Duration

46 +20%
Population 150,251 (-1.00%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,890 (16.98%)