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Located in the northeastern part of the state of Illinois and the seat of Lake County, Waukegan sits on Lake Michigan’s high bluff and is about 40 miles north of the city of Chicago. Waukegan is considered to be one of the oldest communities in the state of Illinois and was originally a settlement of the Potawatomi Indians. When the French explorer visited in 1673, the community became a French trading post and fort and was later known as Little Fort. The community started to grow as a port city and was later incorporated as a town and was renamed as Waukegan, the Potawatomi term for “fort” or “trading post.” When the railroad arrived, the town’s economy started to develop and manufacturing came to be one of their main activities which include electronic and health care products.

Home Prices

174,628 +5%
162,000 +5%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

108 -0%


81 -7%
44 -19%

Market Duration

59 +14%
Population 88,826 (0.50%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,390 (0.69%)