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Anderson is located in the eastern-central part of the state of Indiana and a city and seat of Madison County. It sits along the White River, in a region that produces corn and wheat, which is in the northeastern part of Indianapolis. The area where the present-day Anderson was a site that was inhabited by the Delaware Indians and was founded in 1823. The place was named Andersontown for the subchief Koktowhanud, which was also known as William Anderson. The industrial growth of the city was assured with the discovery of natural gas in 1886 in the locals. At present, the city’s economy includes the manufacturer of electric vehicles and automobile parts. The Mound State Park has the most massive Native American earthquake that was known in the whole state of Indiana along with other prehistoric mounds that were built by the Adena and Hopewell cultures.

Anderson, IN Prices for Houses for Sale

190,045 +67%
157,325 +66%

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107 +171%
120 +15%

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34 -9%

Local Statistics

Population 54,631 (0.00%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,623 (17.79%)

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