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Located in the northwest part of the state of Indiana and a city in Lake County, Gary sits on Lake Michigan’s southern end and is situated just east of Chicago. The town was named for Elbert H. Gary, the chief organizer of the United States Steel Corporation, because of the company’s vast manufacturing complex that was established in the town. The town was a good option as it lays in navigable water midway between the north where beds of iron ores are, and the coal region to the south. The steelworks were mostly built along the lakeshore. A part of the town was laid out to start the construction of streets and sidewalks, and the installation of the town’s sewage system as well. Gary has a well-diversified economy as it has manufacturing plants for petroleum products, fabricated metal, and machinery, and chemicals as well, however, Gary is a one-industry city that periodically suffers from declines in steel production and labor disputes.

Home Prices

126,286 +29%
120,500 +65%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

53 +36%


37 -23%
8 -75%

Market Duration

101 +35%
Population 78,450 (-23.40%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,752 (15.40%)