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Indianapolis is a great place to visit; however, what makes it a perfect place to visit makes it a better place to be in. It has a lively downtown life which can be easily walkable. With all the many things you can do in the city, it allows its people to experience what it was like living in a big city without much effort needed. The weather, while fall can be a good time for outdoor activity, winter months can be deemed as brutal. The summertime can be equally ruthless with humidity with inconsistent high and low temperatures. The city that was known for blockbuster events and fast cars is now flourishing in the brewery and culinary scene. It continues to attract young people with their job opportunities and the low cost of living. Foreign languages are commonly heard in the street as residents were hailed from Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Indianapolis continues to attract new residents from around the globe.

Home Prices

313,537 +15%
256,947 +13%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

118 +18%


1,325 -31%
804 +14%

Market Duration

46 -11%
Population 843,393 (7.80%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,239 (-1.25%)