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Ames is situated in the central part of the state of Iowa and a city in Story County, and sits on the southern part of the Skunk River and is on the northern part of Des Moines. The area was initially called College Farm but was then renamed to Oakes Ames a year after the railroad financier and the congressman of Massachusetts. The railroad arrived in the area in 1864, which eventually led to more settlers arriving in the area and eventually became the home to Iowa State University. The city’s economy was primarily based on the university and became a mainstay, both directly and through the companies that were affiliated with the research park of the university. Ames’ industrial economy has been diversified, and it now includes the manufacture of containers, business forms, metal products, and abrasives.

Home Prices

330,769 +11%
291,200 +8%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

189 +8%


210 -30%
52 -6%

Market Duration

68 -8%
Population 61,792 (21.30%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,557 (1.78%)