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Located in Linn County in the state of Iowa and lies on both the Cedar River banks in the north of Iowa City and northeast of Des Moines - the state's capital city, nicknamed as "City of Five Seasons." The term "fifth season" means the time to enjoy the other four. The name "Five Seasons" and its representations appeared in numerous structures and architectures around the city in many forms. Cedar Rapids' economy has been well-diversified, which is mainly based on agriculture and related industries, which includes farm implements, cereals, packaged meat products, stock feeds, and machinery for milk processing. Being one of the world's largest corn processor, Cedar, the grain processing industry has become the most important sector which has been providing jobs for residents in the city and from the surrounding cities more than 4,000 jobs that pays an annual average of $85,000.

Home Prices

260,406 -1%
218,280 -1%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

120 -3%


299 -2%
100 -59%

Market Duration

54 +13%
Population 128,429 (5.40%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,846 (-5.08%)