Topeka means a "place where we dug potatoes" or "good place to dig potatoes" in Kansa-Orange. Historically the name Topeka, for what is now called the Kansas River, was first recorded as a place name was way back in 1826. The founders chose the name for the city as it was "novel, of Indian origin, and euphonious of sound." Agriculture, manufacturing, and government services have been the primary source of Topeka's economy. The city has been famous because of the United States Supreme Court landmark decision for Brown v Board of Education of Topeka, which declared, and overturned the Plessy v Ferguson, that the racial segregation in public schools is deemed to be unconstitutional. Topeka's crime rate has decreased over the past few years, which has been credited to excellent communication between the law enforcement agencies, the media, and it's active community involvement that aims towards the city's success.

Population 127,679  (3.40%)

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