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Located on the bend of the Mississippi River and south-east of Louisiana, it has become one of the unique cities in the New World and was established as a cost of an environment of conflict. And because of its location and strategic position, it became a pawn to most of the Europeans during the great battle for control over North America. Over the years, the people of New Orleans have turned into a distinctive culture and a society. The heart of the city did the French quarter and has been known for its world-renowned music, Creole cuisine, dialect, and various celebrations of festivals, most notably the Mardi Gras. The French and Spanish Creole architecture and most of its nightlife are situated along Bourbon Street. The city’s African American residents made an extraordinary contribution to making the city the birthplace of jazz music.

New Orleans, LA Prices for Houses for Sale

484,174 +8%
384,600 +9%

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1,085 +18%
620 +22%

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45 -10%

Local Statistics

Population 389,476 (0.00%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,747 (1.10%)

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