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Marlborough is located in the eastern-central part of the state of Massachusetts and a city in Middlesex County, which is on the western side of Boston. The city was originally a part of Sudbury, however, it was then set off as Whipsuferadge Plantation by 1656 before it was incorporated as a town and named after a town in England, Marlborough. The Native American plantation of Okammakamefit that are being adjoined and was eventually annexed in 1718. The area ventured into shoe manufacturing at the start of 1812, and after which, services and trade became an important factor in the economy. However, the largest chunk of employment was dependent on the manufacturing of chemicals, computers, shoes, metal goods, electronic equipment, and others. The city began its early years as a Colonial and Native American settlement, and it still retains the idyllic ponds and tree-covered bridges to this day. Visitors trek to the area to explore pristine trails and conservation lands. In addition, Marlborough is home to the largest rink complex in North America, the New England Sports Center. The city continues to provide excellent amenities to its constituents, and the Marlborough Public Schools boast a STEM program that’s nationally recognized. The high quality of life in the area has resulted to a continuous influx of new residents. This has led to a housing development boom, but real estate prices have generally remained stable with property types ranging from single dwellings to multi-family complexes. Marlborough has an active cultural scene, which includes a Farmer’s Market, the annual Labor Day Parade, and the Halloween Horibbles Parade. Finally, the city has recently kickstarted million-dollar renovations to Ward Park, a Senior Center, and a World War II Memorial Beach revitalization project.

Home Prices

452,011 +3%
375,050 -6%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

224 +2%


31 -49%
44 -8%

Market Duration

28 -21%
Population 39,414 (7.60%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,803 (-4.15%)