The “Motor City” became the nickname of Detroit as they have been long recognized as the heart of the automotive industry in the United States. They were the first to create and provided the model on how to mass-produce automobiles were then later adopted by the rest of the world. The city has also been regarded as a major center for its contribution to the music industry. It has become a repository for architecture, art, and design. Though it was situated on a generally flat plain, the city’s downtown area had retained the hexagonal street pattern from the 19th century. Because of the city’s industrial growth, it became a magnet for European and later African American migrants from the South. The population declined in the 1950s since the white community moved to the suburbs. The African American population rose by the start of the 21st century, making them some four-fifths of the city’s population.

Population 688,701  (-27.10%)

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