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Novi is situated in the State of Michigan, U.S., a city under Oakland County, situated on the northwestern part of the focal point of Detroit and its western part fringe. It is in the upper east of the focal point of Ann Arbor. Initially, Novi was a township sorted out in 1832 from Farmington Township. The remaining unincorporated town is just a little part encompassed by the city. Occupants were searching for a shorter name than Farmington. The name Novi was offered by occupant Dr. J. C. Emery, at the recommendation of his better half. One misguided judgment is that it was named after the sixth toll gate on the Grand River toll road. Be that as it may, with certainty, the township was appointed in 1832, and the toll road was not developed until the 1850s. A comparative case is made about the town stops number 6 on the railroad. Nonetheless, the Holly, Wayne and Monroe Railway was not built through the township until 1870–71, right around 40 years after the town was named. A third well known misguided judgment is that Novi was the 6th stagecoach stop outside of Detroit.

Home Prices

441,491 +12%
459,050 +7%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

182 +9%


46 -25%
20 -50%

Market Duration

85 +85%
Population 57,960 (22.00%)
House Size (sqft.) 2,620 (4.80%)