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Pontiac is located in the state of Michigan and a city in Metro Detroit and the seat of Oakland County, which is situated on the northern and slightly western part of Detroit within the city's boundaries. The area where the European-Americans founded the present-day Pontiac stands in 1818 in Michigan that is close to Detroit. The area was named after an Ottawa war chief, Pontiac, who used to occupy the site before the European-American settlers arrived. Pontiac was best known to be General Motors' manufacturing plant for its automobiles in the 20th century and then became the basis of the city's economy and wherein contributed significantly to the wealth of the region. Pontiac used to be the primary site of the automobile assembly plant for the production of the famous Pontiac cars, a brand that was named after the city.

Home Prices

114,030 -14%
86,517 -9%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

76 -7%


68 -19%
28 -33%

Market Duration

66 +21%
Population 59,887 (-11.40%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,154 (-9.28%)