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Located in the state of Michigan and a city in Oakland County, Southfield is a suburb of northern Detroit. The city is part of the upscale office market, the city’s marque is a group of five golden skyscrapers that was known as the “Golden Triangle,” The city was surveyed in 1817 as part of the plan by the Michigan territorial governor. The area’s first settlers were from Birmingham and Royal Oak, Michigan, as well as those that were from the state of New York and Vermont. The area that is to become the future Suthfirld was settled in 1823 by John Daniels and the others were the Heth, Stephens, Harmon, McClellans, and the Thompson families.

Home Prices

204,324 +30%
180,000 +33%

Relative Price (per sqft.)

111 +8%


22 0%
0 -100%

Market Duration

49 -5%
Population 73,006 (-6.70%)
House Size (sqft.) 1,600 (26.78%)